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Visitors to the museum collection

During 2022, the Museum has hosted a number of visitors by appointment. See our photo gallery below, and contact us to book an appointment to visit the museum yourself.

A couple of CFS members from Bridgewater visited the Museum late in April, but don’t believe the number behind them. Between them, Lloyd and Tracey Quarmby have 36 years of experience with the CFS. Great to see you down here!

The Museum sits on land leased from the Railways, so we get an occasional inspection from them. On Wednesday 11 May, Rachael Hrycluk and Melanie Hunter from the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (Marine and Rail) were well pleased with what they found, and we were similarly impressed by their enthusiasm and encouragement.

Winter is a great time for stories! Former members of the Tatiara CFS Group met and reminisced at the SA Volunteer Fire Fighters Museum on Wednesday 1 June.

Photo left to right: Alan Hall, member of the Willalooka Brigade for 19 years and served as Lieutenant for a number of those; Rex Hall AFSM, a Captain at Willalooka for over 20 years;
Franky Faul, a member of the Tatiara Communications Brigade for a number of years; Bill Faul, a member of Bordertown Brigade for 39 years and served as a Lieutenant for many of those. A total of 154 years of service in the SA Country Fire Service!

If you are going to do it right, consult with the experts. On 30 June, we welcomed curators from the History Trust of South Australia who hold a special interest in vehicle and equipment preservation. Photo left to right: Amanda James, Senior Curator, Community Engagement; Matthew Lombard, Curator; Rex Hall AFSM Chair of the SAVFFM, Alan Hall Vice-Chair of the SAVFFM. They are standing in front of the Gumeracha Command Car which came to the museum in 2020 from the National Motor Museum at Birdwood.

Life Members of Norton Summit CFS, Chris and Murray Rice (left) introduced their friends Coralie and Rex (right) to the SA Volunteer Firefighters Museum and Memorial on our day of Royal Mourning 22 September. Good shot Coralie!