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Old tanker heads to heritage museum

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The CF犀利士
S Heritage Committee has announced the acquisition of a decommissioned CFS tanker to be added to its fleet of historic vehicles.

The former Coonalpyn tanker had been in service since the early 1980s and later became the property of the Coorong District Council.

Coonalpyn Tanker
The former Coonalpyn CFS Tanker kindly donated by the Coorong District Council to the Heritage Committee

CFS Heritage Committee chairman Rex Hall AFSM said he was grateful for the council’s decision to donate this old tanker for future generations to appreciate its significance. “This appliance made a significant contribution to the region during its period of service,” Mr Hall said. “The Coorong District Council’s generous donation of the Coonalpyn tanker to the Heritage Committee was a culmination of six months of negotiations and discussions between the two groups. “Coorong District Council recognised the heritage value of this vehicle,”” Mr Hall said. “The Coonalpyn tanker will be housed in the CFS Heritage Museum at Naracoorte, adding to its existing fleet of 18 historic CFS appliances.”

Certificate of Appreciation
Coorong District Council Chief Executive Michael Boyd (left) receives a certificate of appreciation from Heritage Committee chairman Rex Hall AFSM

An arrangement to transport the old tanker to its new home is still being negotiated. “It’s also hoped that in future with further support and funding that the old Coonalpyn tanker will be restored to its original condition,” Mr Hall said. “This is our ultimate goal in helping to preserve our historic vehicles.”